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Did You Know?: Automobile Accident Edition

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When you think about automobile accidents, the first thing that usually comes to mind is something straight out of a blockbuster action film. Explosions burning up left, right, and center; there’d be dozens of screaming people, shocked at the collateral damage. While these situations are possible in real life, sometimes these disasters are a lot quieter than you might think but just as stressful, dangerous, and have personal effects that last for more than a 2-minute movie montage.

For example, did you know that you don’t need to be on the road to be involved in an automobile accident?

It has been said that most accidents of this nature occur to stationary cars in parking lots. The damage done to your car could be as simple as a banged up door or a damaged bumper with no physical consequences; these circumstances, while unfortunate, is somewhat more bearable since the only thing to repair is the car itself and people are infinitely more difficult to fix.

Another thing about automobile accidents that people don’t often understand is that it falls into personal injury even if it’s the car itself that has caused the accident.

According to the website of the lawyers with Evans Moore, it is more than possible for the car to have gotten a defect during manufacturing before the warranty expires. This defect will then have been a fault of the manufacturer and the person who was injured due to it can file for personal injury that will involve the expenses necessary in order to properly compensate for the incident. There should be protocols and security measures in place that ensure the safety of the vehicle before it is allowed to be purchased; therefore, there is another party that is at fault for the given injury. Rollover accidents are commonly due to defects, for example.

That is why it is important to always know your vehicle – as well as your rights.

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