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Posts made in June, 2015

Taking the Edge out of Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices

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People make decisions based on what they know. The information they have affects the choices they make. It may be as simple as deciding to wear one shirt over the other because the mirror shows or someone says it looks better, or it could be as complex as deciding to switch careers. This applies to all aspects of their lives, including their health. As pointed out...

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Preventing Workplace Injuries Makes Good Business Sense

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old adage is timeless in its relevance, and in terms of the workplace, it is simply the literal truth. Business owners owe a duty of care to their employers to ensure their safety and health while in the workplace. In most cases, the employer follows safety rules and regulations to avoid liability for workplace...

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The Role of Copy Writing in Selling your Business

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It is not news that in order to be successful in business nowadays, it is important to get the word out. Back in the day, it was through flyers, newspaper or magazine ads, editorials, press releases, television spots, and radio announcements. Nowadays, it is the Internet. However, one thing that remains constant is the copy; that is, the content. It had to be...

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Nicer is Not Always Better in Motor Vehicle Accidents

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According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, there are all kinds of motor vehicle accidents, and while many of them do not involve any bodily injury, far too many do. This is especially true when it is a rollover accident, where passengers are injured not because of the rolling over per se, but the resulting crushing of the protective structure....

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Men can also be victims of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Contrary to what most people believe, sexual harassment is not always about sex. In a recent case involving a longshoreman who complained about unwanted physical contact from his male machine boss, there was no allegation of sexual advances. The plaintiff found the contact offensive, and had complained that it made for a hostile work environment. The plaintiff lost...

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