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Internet Sex Crimes

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Information and messaging in an instant no matter which part of the globe you are in – this is what the Internet allows us to do. It allows use to communicate with anyone and access information in an instant. However, like any other invention, no matter how good the intent of its maker is, once it falls into wrong hands, then damaging results are most certainly to follow.

The Internet has made every bit of information readily available through simple clicks of buttons; however, it has also enabled certain individuals, who intend to accomplish criminal activities, to hack into private government and personal records to commit cyber fraud, cyber-based terrorism, computer intrusions, espionage, and even internet sex crimes.

Though it may be considered a less serious offense compared to the other criminal acts mentioned, internet sex crime, nonetheless, has become an alarming concern to the government due to the very damaging effects it causes in those affected and the perfect ease with which perpetrators accomplish this crime.

Through wired or wireless access to networks, sexual offenders are able to create and disseminate speedily different forms of sexually offensive and abusive materials and sexually-tainted messages, such as photos depicting child pornography and solicitation efforts, which often lead to contact offenses, like sexual assault or rape.

Data from the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), a global, multi-disciplinary organization committed to preventing sexual abuse, show that trading and posting on-line of child pornography and sexual chats with children, adolescents or any vulnerable persons, first to convince them to produce or view pornographic images and, second, to arrange with them a face-to-face meeting (for the committance of the crime), are the most common forms of internet sex offenses. What is alarming, however, is the fact that many teenagers freely meet with their future adult offender, sometimes more than once, and even describe such meetings as romantic occasions.

Equally disturbing are data from the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), which say that:

A number of teenagers and young adults willingly share with others online or through text messaging (“sexting”) naked pictures of themselves;

Many of those who end up as victims of internet sex crimes openly talk about sexual topics even with people they do not know and post online sexually provocative photos/videos of themselves;

Quite a large number of teenagers and young adults are open to, and actually participate in, sexting (which means sending sexually explicit messages, usually with images, from one mobile phone to another).

The extent and severity of harm against the victim and the continuous growth in the number of perpetrators of internet sex crime has made the government mobilize legal and investigative teams with the major task of identifying and prosecuting, especially child pornography, offenders in order to reduce and eliminate this type of indecent, criminal activity. But how guilty can one really be judged if the identified victim willingly and voluntarily participated in the whole act, maybe even showed motive which led the accused into thinking that his/her sexual advances were welcome moves?

Unless proven guilty, an accused can never be treated like a criminal; however, it will be a tough task to prove one’s innocence, especially if the victim, or a witness, identifies him or her as the committer of the crime.

A law firm with the address, criminalattorneysnashville.com, says that simply being accused of a crime can change your life. The penalties of a conviction can haunt you for years after you’ve served your sentence and may affect what kinds of jobs you’re able to obtain and even where you’re allowed to live. However, it’s important to remember that an accusation is just that: an accusation. You still have a real chance to defend your rights and protect your future from the challenges that would come with a conviction. You still have a real chance to defend your rights and protect your future from the challenges that would come with a conviction, such as jail time, fines, or having to register as a sex offender.

Too Many Drivers Act Irresponsibly on the Road

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Let’s face it. Too many drivers act irresponsibly on the road. Law firms are very well aware of this. This is also what made the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD, say, “you can only control your own driving behavior; there is not much you can do to control what others do out there on the road. Careless, reckless, and negligent drivers abound. Some fail to keep their attention focused on the road and become distracted, while others get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or drugs, disregard traffic laws, or run red lights and stop signs. Others drive too fast or too aggressively, or fail to adjust their driving for road or weather conditions. As a result, some unlucky Rhode Island drivers and their passengers, in spite of responsible, focused, and skillful driving, find their lives in turmoil, their bodies broken, and their finances in a shambles, all because of another’s wrongdoing.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) receives more than five million motor vehicle reports every year. More than two million of these accidents cause injuries, while more than 30, 000 result in death.

Two major causes of car crashes identified by the NHTSA are aggressive driving and speeding. Speeding is something that a person willingly chooses to do. Its effects include:

  • Decreased driver visibility;
  • Decreased reaction time to danger;
  • Decreased ability to slow down or stop;
  • Decreased control over the vehicle;
  • Increased chance of rollover when making turns; and,
  • Increased chances of rear-end accidents or head-on collisions.

No matter what reason drivers have for going over the speed limit or for driving too fast for road condition, one fact holds – they make the road dangerous for everyone else. The injuries that may result from car crashes due to speeding can be more severe because speed increases the force of impact. This is why speeding drivers should be held totally responsible for their reckless actions.

All You Need To Know About Traffic Ticket In South Carolina

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Getting a traffic ticket in South Carolina can have a huge impact on a driver. According to the website of Truslow & Truslow, Attorneys At Law, traffic offenses can affect your driving privileges, record, and insurance. While fines may vary depending on the violation, they are generally similar throughout the state. The amount of your violation can be found on your traffic ticket.

In South Carolina, when you commit a traffic violation, the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will add points to your driving record. Upon accumulation of 12 points, the DMV will suspend your license. However, you can remove 4 points from your record by completing an approved defensive driving course. You can allow take the course once every 3 years.

There are three ways you can pay your traffic ticket namely 1) online 2) via mail 3) in person. Make sure to report your payment before the due date shown on your traffic ticket. Your failure to do so could result to additional penalties, such as suspension of your driver’s license.

Contesting Your Ticket

You have the right to challenge the traffic ticket issued to you. First, you need to plead guilty in a traffic court on your scheduled hearing. Check your traffic ticket for specific instructions. By appearing in court during your scheduled hearing, you are usually offered a reduction in points and fines in exchange of a guilty plea. If you are not satisfied with the offer, you can still enter a plea of not guilty and request a jury trial.

Traffic tickets in South Carolina are handed either by a city or magistrate court, The date on the ticket is the date of your arraignment whether or not you negotiated or entered a plea of not guilty. If you requested for a jury trial, you will be notified two weeks prior to the actual date of trial. If you are planning to enter a plea of not guilty, simply skip the arraignment.

Toys and Food Harmful to Children

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In 2011, the number of children who received treatment in emergency departments due to a toy-related injury was three million. It is quite frustrating to see that, instead of the number of children getting injured due to toys and other children’s products getting reduced, the numbers only keep on increasing. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in 2005, toy-related injuries were only at 202,300, while the number of death was 20.

The leading causes of injuries and deaths among children are suffocation, drowning, choking, poisoning and falling from riding toys or non-powered scooters. Though the ones at the highest risk of being injured are children aged five or below, all children are essentially not safe if they are not properly supervised by their parents or guardians. Parents and guardians should, therefore, understand their responsibility in making sure that children know how to use toys properly so that injuries may be avoided. Injuries sustained by children are usually to the head, face, eyes, neck and other sensitive parts of the body,

Bruises, lacerations, and other kinds of injuries are immediately obvious; some, however, despite causing more harm, have effects that become manifest only after some time, when the damage they have caused inside the body is already widespread or injurious enough for the body to still fight it off. Some of these products include the food we eat, food which contain additives and genetically-engineered ingredients, which have already been banned in other countries, but continue to be sold and eaten in the U.S.

The listeriosis outbreak in 2011 is one example of serious food poisoning. This food poisoning outbreak caused 30 deaths, 1 miscarriage and infected 146 people. There are so many other ingredients that manufacturers mix with the food children love to eat. Though these ingredients will not cause immediate harm, their effects slowly destroy the health of children, making suffering more painful and harder eventually. Making sure that children are safe from whatever will cause them harm should always be the concern of parents. Urging the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall these harmful products and/or filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of these products should be pursued by parents, especially, to make sure that these manufacturers never get the chance to earn profits in expense of children’s safety and health. Personal Injury Lawyers from Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, law firm advises people who have been injured my a toy or food to find out an know about their legal rights ad options to help with your case. 

Can Thrill Seeking at Amusement Parks Lead to Injury?

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The thing about amusement parks that draws people in is the thrill of it all. There’s the promised adrenaline of some attractions as well as the indulgent ones that are relatively safer and calmer, like carousels and the like. However, that’s what you go to amusement parks for – you don’t just go there just to sit around and stare. People go to these places for the memories they can make with the experiences that the attractions can offer.

In a place that offers so much fun and laughter, it’s easy to suspend the belief that you’re still in the real world where things can go wrong. Unfortunately, even the most magical and the happiest amusement parks there are, accidents can still happen due to negligence.

Usually, especially for certain attractions, there need to be timely and routine inspections in order to ensure that everything is working as it should, so that frequenters of these parks can have the peace of mind to enjoy their stay there. If these inspections are either disregarded or are done haphazardly, accidents that cause injuries can happen, as according to the website of the lawyers with Williams Kherkher. The people in charge of these inspections and of making sure that everything in the park adheres to the standard of care are then the ones to be held accountable for the damages done that was a direct result of their negligence to the injured park goers.

The injuries that amusement parks don’t just mean the occasional bruise or the small cut on someone’s arm—they can be devastating and even deadly as a malfunctioning attraction could mean broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain injury, or even wrongful death. These situations, should they happen, fall under the blanket term that is personal injury.

Did You Know?: Automobile Accident Edition

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When you think about automobile accidents, the first thing that usually comes to mind is something straight out of a blockbuster action film. Explosions burning up left, right, and center; there’d be dozens of screaming people, shocked at the collateral damage. While these situations are possible in real life, sometimes these disasters are a lot quieter than you might think but just as stressful, dangerous, and have personal effects that last for more than a 2-minute movie montage.

For example, did you know that you don’t need to be on the road to be involved in an automobile accident?

It has been said that most accidents of this nature occur to stationary cars in parking lots. The damage done to your car could be as simple as a banged up door or a damaged bumper with no physical consequences; these circumstances, while unfortunate, is somewhat more bearable since the only thing to repair is the car itself and people are infinitely more difficult to fix.

Another thing about automobile accidents that people don’t often understand is that it falls into personal injury even if it’s the car itself that has caused the accident.

According to the website of the lawyers with Evans Moore, it is more than possible for the car to have gotten a defect during manufacturing before the warranty expires. This defect will then have been a fault of the manufacturer and the person who was injured due to it can file for personal injury that will involve the expenses necessary in order to properly compensate for the incident. There should be protocols and security measures in place that ensure the safety of the vehicle before it is allowed to be purchased; therefore, there is another party that is at fault for the given injury. Rollover accidents are commonly due to defects, for example.

That is why it is important to always know your vehicle – as well as your rights.

Taking the Edge out of Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices

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People make decisions based on what they know. The information they have affects the choices they make. It may be as simple as deciding to wear one shirt over the other because the mirror shows or someone says it looks better, or it could be as complex as deciding to switch careers. This applies to all aspects of their lives, including their health. As pointed out on the website of Williams Kherkher, when important information is missing, this can lead to making the wrong choice with serious consequences.

For example, you are morbidly obese and the doctor says you are at high risk for an early death. You can choose to follow a strict regimen of diet and exercise and lose about one pound a week. Then your doctor tells you there is a pill you will take every day that will make you lose 25 pounds in one week without diet or exercise. There is no contest. You will choose the pill. It is effort-free and fast. However, the doctor tells you that every time you swallow a pill, your eyesight will deteriorate by 5%. In other words, after taking 20 pills, you will be blind. The choice has just become harder because of this new information. However, because you know, you can make an informed decision. If you decide that losing weight is more important than your sight, then you take the pill. You can also strike a compromise and just lose some of your sight to lose some of the weight. You can also choose the diet and exercise route.

This is how some drug makers and medical device manufacturers fail their customers. They deliberately withhold crucial information, such as what the website of the personal injury attorneys at Williams Kherkher says Takeda Pharmaceuticals did when marketing the drug to type 2 diabetics without telling them about the risk of developing bladder cancer. There is also the case of power morcellators, which increased the risk of developing uterine cancer in women. The manufacturers may not have withheld information, but they should have known about this deadly side effect.

If these patients had complete information, some may have still decided to take their chances. The difference is they would have made an informed decision.

Preventing Workplace Injuries Makes Good Business Sense

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old adage is timeless in its relevance, and in terms of the workplace, it is simply the literal truth. Business owners owe a duty of care to their employers to ensure their safety and health while in the workplace.

In most cases, the employer follows safety rules and regulations to avoid liability for workplace injuries. However, even with the best of efforts and intentions of the employers, employees can still get hurt while on the job. Fortunately, there is workers’ compensation insurance, although according to the website of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., you may still need legal representation if you are wrongfully denied your benefits. In general, however, there is that safety net for employees in case they are injured on the job.

For employers, however, the cost of workplace injuries goes beyond liability. There is loss in productivity, workforce management problems, increased attrition, higher insurance premiums, and employee morale issues. The best way to minimize workplace injuries is to do functional employment testing (FCE), especially for work that requires certain levels of physical health. This is appropriate for qualified applicants before an offer of employment, and current employees to see if they are at risk for workplace injury, or if they are fit to return to work after an injury. Applicant and employees that do not pass the FCE are likely candidates for serious injuries.

According to the WorkSTEPS website, investing in an injury prevention program in the workplace will result in significant returns in investment. Companies that are proactive in ensuring the health and safety of their workers have seen immediate and favorable results, such as a 50% decrease in workers’ compensation claims—which really translates to 50% fewer workplace injuries.

Preventing workplace injuries is not about generosity or compassion, although that certainly helps as well. It just makes good business sense to look out for the welfare of your employees.

The Role of Copy Writing in Selling your Business

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It is not news that in order to be successful in business nowadays, it is important to get the word out. Back in the day, it was through flyers, newspaper or magazine ads, editorials, press releases, television spots, and radio announcements. Nowadays, it is the Internet. However, one thing that remains constant is the copy; that is, the content. It had to be compelling, engaging, and relevant.

There was a time in the infancy of search engines and social media that a website could get ahead by eschewing good content for copious use of links and keyword dense content. That is no longer the case. With search engines like Google getting wise to these tactics, it no longer rewards what is termed “black hat” tactics to get ahead in the ranking. Improvements in the search algorithms now put a premium on good, relevant, natural content. All this highlights the importance of excellent copy writing.

Good copy writing is more than simply writing copy. String some sentences together and that is copy. According to the Kinetic Word website, what is important is that the copy targets a specific audience to elicit a specific response. An example would be a generic how-to article in Pinterest. It will attract the attention of anyone who is looking for information about how to do something, and encourage them to click on the link. In most cases, it redirects to the page of the sponsoring business, and that is good marketing. However, it does not end there.

If the article has little value to the user after all, the user will “bounce” from the page, and that is not good. You want the user to explore your site and hopefully give you some business. If the article is full of helpful tips and relevant information, the user will spend time on that page and more likely click any links you may have on the article. They may even share it on their social network! Now, that is good marketing.

If you need help with optimizing your page naturally, your best bet is to engage the services of an excellent copy writing company. They can assist you in formulating a content-driven marketing strategy that will help you rank in the search engines.

Nicer is Not Always Better in Motor Vehicle Accidents

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According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, there are all kinds of motor vehicle accidents, and while many of them do not involve any bodily injury, far too many do. This is especially true when it is a rollover accident, where passengers are injured not because of the rolling over per se, but the resulting crushing of the protective structure.

Rollover accidents tend to lead to serious injury in general, but the risk is higher with certain types of vehicles, such as sports utility vehicles (SUVs). SUVs are popular because they look pretty cool, and many of them have some useful features such as a four wheel drive. However, SUVs also tend to be more prone to rollover accidents because of its high center of gravity (COG). This is due to the design of the vehicle rather than any manufacturing defect. SUVs tend to be the same width as a sedan, but considerably higher. This makes it prone to tipping whenever the COG shifts, such as on a sharp curve, or when the wheel hits the sidewalk or any elevated object.

This tendency is not exclusive to SUVs, however. Some truck models also have a high COG that can lead to rollover accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scored the Dodge Ram 1500 truck the same as an SUV for rollover safety. Because it is extremely popular in the US, this rating means that passengers may be injured in a truck accident more severely than if they had been in a sedan. This is because despite the numerous cosmetic changes made to the Dodge Ram over the last three decades, the structural design remained the same. When the Dodge Ram 1500 rolls over, it can crush or eject passengers and cause severe injury.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is just one vehicle model that manufacturers improved in looks and features, but neglected to redesign to improve safety and protection of passengers. It is a sad but true fact.

If you sustained serious injuries from a rollover accident, the auto manufacturer may be at fault. Consult with a rollover accident lawyer to address your personal injury issues.